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The mandarin oil used in Smoky Mandarin is produced by one of the leading manufacturers in Grasse, France - using 100% organic Italian mandarins (also food grade). We have sampled numerous citrus oils until we came across with this mind-blowing material, which has nothing to do with citrus essential oils that you will commonly find even in established and large scale perfume labs. It is considerably sharp, sweet, slightly melon like, and has some kind of aniseed/ liquorice sweetness that is reminiscent of Amalfi Coast Lemon leaf - typically lasts three times more than a typical mandarin oil on a smelling strip. Its extra concentration and refinement achieved through a process called fractional distillation allows the more volatile molecules of the essential oil to evaporate. This reduction results to a purified and more intense oil.


Initially the mandarin essential oil is obtained by an extraction method called "Expression": The skin of the mandarin is grated and then cold pressed to release all essential oils along with trapped water. Next, the resulting mixture of oil and water is going through a centrifuge to separate pure essential oil from water.

The mandarin essential oil then undergoes through fractional distillation - a method used across many industries in order to purify or separate unwanted molecules in liquids. In short: the essential oil is heated and evaporated in the fractionating column and its vapours are allowed to condense at different temperatures - as the oils components have different evaporation points. A process of rectification

is used to obtain the product in the purest

form possible.

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