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There is nothing more exciting for us to be able to work directly with farmers and to witness such an intense process of oil production as well as passion for quality materials - from finding the trees in the forests to cleaning the resin of the wood and distillation. We see the same excitement and passion in Borey's work who has been suppling us with limited quantities his wild Cambodian agar wood for over 2 years. He explains that by working directly with clients, he was able to grow and establish his business in the recent years. It's a revelation that he is not pressured to produce larger quantities as he used to, while he is able to make a descent profit out of it. This change has increased the quality of the oils, protects wild forest and supports local enterprises.

Our Agar Wood which is currently used in SMOKY MANDARIN is incredibly lasting and complex with notes of freshly cut wood, balsamic, myrrh and animalic.


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