The Private Series currently comprises of three luxury perfumes that explore a combination of unusual accords, typically using high content of fine natural perfume oils and at high concentrations that range from 22% to 26%. 


eugen copy.png

91% Natural | Unisex

Inspiring, benign, confident and resilient and one of the most complex perfume of this series, Eugen brings together a variety of spices such as cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, tonka, cloves, pink paper, juniper berry along with sandalwood, leather and very mild pineapple accords in a unique blend that will captivate your senses. Without showcasing or revealing one key ingredient, Eugen is a comforting, smooth, and silky perfume in its texture, while remaining discrete and highly sophisticated in character.



89% Natural | Unisex

Smoky Mandarin vividly captures the essence of mandarins with all the freshness and refinement that come with it. This highly concentrated perfume, made out of high quality Italian organic mandarin and citrus oils projects all the nuances of mandarins bursting in the air that you would get by peeling off a fresh mandarin. Accompanied with smoky cade woods, cypress and vanilla, we enhanced the dark and bitter side of mandarins, a unique combination that offers a clean and fresh feeling. While the addition of orange blossoms expands the floral qualities of mandarins.



94% Natural | Unisex

This is a very bright and fresh scent which is based on apricot, lavender,  pink paper, patchouli, coconut, fresh melon and peony blossoms. Expect a contemporary and ethereal light perfume that is easy to wear all day for every occasion particularly during summer. This is a 94% Natural scent and few sprays will last you approximately 8 hours.